Apr 17, 2013

Shot with Nikon F - Porto, September 1989






Technical Data:
Camera - Nikon F + Photomic FTn
Lenses - Nikkor
Film - Kodak T-Max 400
Developer - Kodak HC-110
Location - Porto, Portugal
Date - September 1989
Scanner - Epson 4990


  1. Hello there!
    I really love your photographs with the Nikon F. The contrast and clarity of your photos are wonderful. I also use a Nikon F, but l've been noticing that my photos come out grainy and low contrast. I've been using Ilford Delta 400 with Ilfosol 3 Developer and mainly shoot with a Nikkor 50mm lens. Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Leiah,
    Sorry that I took so long to answer, but I have been somehow away from blog lately. If your photographs lack contrast, maybe you should try to give some extra time in your development, or maybe give some more agitation, or maybe even both! I think that maybe a 15% or 20% increase in your developing time should be a good starting point (assuming that your exposures are correct). Then, try to trimm it until you get satisfactory results (in a roll of 36 exposures in several different situations, you always have to compromise a little...). Or maybe you should try to change your combo altogether: another film with another developer. I don't mean that what you use is wrong, I mean maybe it doesn't give you the results you might be looking for. If you see above, I used T-Max 400 developed in Kodak HC-110 (a developer I don't like very much...). A classic developer that might do the trick is Kodak D-76. Another film maybe Kodak Tri-X... Wish you luck and fine images, according to your taste. Greetings, Rui P.S.: I didn't mention the Nikkor 50mm, I don't think about it as a low contrast lens...