Apr 26, 2013

Film Cameras For Lovers - Nikon F + Photomic FTn (Photo Gear 17)



I never was much of a Nikon man!

Even so, I am obliged to acknowledge that some Nikon cameras have to be granted the status of photographic milestones, most notably the legendary Nikon F.

The success of this model made life hard for the competition − maybe even for Nikon itself! −, assuming that quality and durability had to be preserved at such high levels, as to satisfy the most demanding professional photographer.

As a matter of fact, the Nikon F evolved itself to the most comprehensive 35mm camera system, a really versatile photographic tool, famous for beeing the shooting workhorse par excellence.













Many qualified people have written about the Nikon F, so I don’t see the point on repeating what has been so extensively, and better, reported.

The camera and lens shown on this post, were first bought by an american pilot, while he was on duty in Vietnam, so I was told. Thinking that it must have been made around 1968, it sounds rather plausible to me. I bought it myself some 24 years ago, in Heidelberg, also from a kind american neighbour.


Long live the legend, long live the Nikon F!




Alfama, Lisbon, September 1989
(Shot with the combo above on Kodak TMax-400, developed in Kodak D-76)

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