Oct 9, 2013

Escape From the Voracious Gray Men − Lugo, Galicia (Sketches of Spain, August 2013)


These little/big odd men, all dressed up in gray − faces distorted to a conspicuous cheating grimace − greedily rule our land.
I feel torn apart, squeezed up to my bones, violated and abused all the way up to my brain.
Paranoidly fearing to drown, I anxiously  strive for a little breeze!
Moving away seems to be the only option, even if only for a couple of days, say even a couple of hours…












I always felt some magic attraction in the vast remoteness of many regions in Spain.
I don’t necessarily classify crowded places like Galicia as remote, nevertheless I could enjoy some clean air, and forget all this sticky mold. Coming from such a claustrophobic country, I was doomed to feel in Paradise…
We have spent just an afternoon in the city of Lugo (surrounded by Roman walls, World Heritage Site), in Galicia.
These are some of the photographs I shot with a Leica M9 and a few lenses. I hope that you enjoy them. I am glad to share.






All photographs shot with Leica M9
For a glimpse I could forget those pathetic men protected by their security guards, I didn’t have to watch them on TV, I was not obliged to glare at them on the papers, I didn’t have to suffocate under their shadow.
I could gradually forget about my vomiting bag!!!