Mar 6, 2011

My Friends the Cats


Permit me to acquaint you with my friends

Pipoquinha, our new family member met some weeks ago

Mico, a nice amigo for some years now

Pipoquinha (little pop corn) is a young female cat we found a couple of weeks ago, while going for a walk.

A sister of other beautiful little kittens, we were not clever enough to avoid going back there "just for taking a look"...

When we heard that they didn't belong to somebody, we couldn't resist!

Mico (also known as Minhoco, Mircolino, Micanhoto... He always knows who I am talking to) was brought to me by my sons, five or six years ago.

An adult male cat, he adores to look cool and blasé, sometimes acting with full indifference and disdain. He is actually exceptionally pacific and a nice companion, except for the smell of his territory marking...

I get along very well with cats, it is easy for me to make friends among them.

For the photo-freaks:
Both shots made with Canon 30D + Leitz 135mm f/2.8 Elmarit (Pipoca) and Leitz 400mm f/6.8 Telyt-R.
I used an enjoyyourcamera adapter to get it all together.