Jun 1, 2010

The Family of Zé Preto and the Horse - Montemor-o-Novo, March 2010


All photographs were made using a Rolleiflex SL 35 (Rollei Singapore) equiped with german made Carl Zeiss lenses, namely the Planar 1.4 / 50mm HFT and the Sonnar 2.8 / 85 mm. A Rollei yellow filter was also used with both lenses.

Fomapan 200 developed in Kodak D-76 1+1.

I would like to dedicate these modest photographs to someone that I very much respect and admire for many years: JOSEF KOUDELKA.

His book "Gitans - La Fin du Voyage" (copyright 1975 by Josef Koudelka, Delpire éditeur Paris and Aperture, Inc. New York) has been a true companion of mine since many years now, and a true source of inspiration.
I wish I could have the genius and the integrity of Mr. Koudelka's vision...

A special thank you goes also, of course, to the portrayed family!