Apr 9, 2010

Silke in Mannheim, Germany, August 1989 (Agfachrome RS 1000 - Part Two)


All photographs taken with a Nikon F or F3 camera

(probably equiped with a 200mm Nikkor lens),

using Agfachrome RS 1000 film.

On a recent post, I showed some images shot with the old, and long discontinued, Agfachrome RS 1000. As I have stated before, I found it's coarse grain wonderful for some subjects in 120 size, although a little too rough on 35mm film.

A couple of days ago, I happened to find these images taken on the same sessions, using the smaller format, so I thought it would be interesting to post them for you to compare.

I didn't want to fumble with the old slides, so I didn't take them out from the cardboard mounts I used to display them. That is the reason for the brown color of the film frames.

I hope that you enjoy...

P.S.: These photographs make me ponder that color photography has gone a long way, even in a very recent past...
As you know, I am a true film believer, but I must agree that digital easily surpasses (from a technical point of view) film quality at ASA/ISO 1000...

Anyway, I still think that film grain can be a loveable form of expression!

I will forever be a film crusader!!!