Jan 22, 2011

"It doesn't always has to be Leica..." - Canet Plage, Daroca, Castelo de Vide, May 1983


Canet Plage, South of France, May 1983

Daroca, Spain, May 1983

Castelo de Vide, Portugal, May 1983

Technical data:
Camera - Nikon FM
Lens - Nikkor 50mm
Film - Kodak Tri-X
Developer - Kodak D-76, diluted 1+1
Locations - Canet Plage, Daroca, Castelo de Vide
(all images shot during a trip from Heidelberg to Lisbon, while I was taking a break from driving)
Date - May 1983
Scanner - Epson 4990 Photo



  1. During spring 1983 (while still at school - Gymnasium), I bought my first "serious" camera, a new black Nikon FM + 50mm lens. From memory, the body was about DM500, much money for a somebody still at school. I still have this camera (and the lens), Nikon once changed the slightly corroded circuits and now the foam seals should be replaced. The camera with the best ergonomics of all cameras that I have ever used.

  2. So it's either a Leica or a Nikon :)) Rui, I'm constantly amazed by the photos you captured over the years! I especially like the inclusion of people, of life, in your photos. I "feel" the cobbled streets, the beach, the rough stone walls, the intricate details of the cathedral. Your photos breathe "life". Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Once more.Very well.
    Best regards

  4. Thank you very much Maddoc, Esther and Carlos,
    I am very proud that such nice people praise so much my photographs. All of you are good photographers, it is good to be appreciated by my peers!
    The Nikon FM I used on this images was not mine, I had bought it in Germany for a portuguese friend. I was just experimenting around. In those times it was very hard to get decent equipment here, so every now and then, somebody asked for something. The Nikon FM was a very demanded item. I should say, that I never earned a coin with that... I only took the money I paid. I am a really bad businessman! Just wanted to help some friends... It kind of paid off: many years later, one of those FMs was offered back to me by another friend... That's the one I still own. Nice camera!
    Esther, Life is what Photography is all about! People who forget about it, or never knew, only produce dull images, not real photographs.
    Carlos, we can't live so far away from each other, if you come by Montemor-o-Novo, please, don't forget to say hello!
    Of course, Esther and Maddoc too!, although that might be a little more difficult (one in Borneo, the other in Japan...)
    By the way Maddoc, are you german? I thought that you were american, but you talk about 500 Deutsch Mark...
    Cheers to you all, its good to have you around!