Jan 15, 2011

Der Schornsteinfeger und die Prinzessin - Heidelberg, Germany, February 1977 (The Minolta Years)


I must admit, that at first I didn't know what this peculiar man was all about!
I thought that he was just dressing some kind of Fashingskostüm, as the calendar was reading February...

I had never before seen a Schornsteinfeger (chimney sweeper).
The man, which I met in the Bergheimer Strasse in Heidelberg, Germany, was kind enough to make a little interruption in his work, and allowed me to take some pictures.

I still regard his portrait (the first image) as one of the best photographs that I took in those times.

I guess, that he must habe brought me luck... I am a fortunate man!

Some seconds for eternity!

Likewise I came upon this beautiful Faschingsprinzessin, which I also met in the Bergheimer Strasse.

I chose several negatives to give you an idea of the evolution of this happy encounter.

Besides, I think that it is funny to reminisce about the cars and the shop signs that decorated our streets then.

Do you still recognize the legendary VW Käfer, the Fiat 127, the Ford Cortina?

Time heals!

Yes, time can improve some ordinary images, turning them into some sort of documents.

This photograph of Feuermänner in Bismarckplatz, Heidelberg, might be rather banal at first look, but then I have noticed that Baden-Württemberg was then celebrating its 25th anniversary, and all of a sudden the picture had a new meaning (Baden-Württemberg is the third largest state in Germany).

Time heals and makes feel old...

Just like the image before, this one is part of the roll that includes the little princess.

For no particular reason, but being nice, I close with a bucolic view.

I am not able to recognize the village on the background, but I am sure that it is the surroundings of Heidelberg: Dossenheim, Schriesheim, Ladenburg?

Somebody out there to refresh my memories?


Technical data:
Cameras - Minolta SRT 303b (chimney sweep) + Minolta SRT 101
Film - Ilford HP5
Developers - Ilford Perceptol 1+1 (chimney sweep) + Tetenal Emofin
Location - Heidelberg, Germany
Date - February 1977
Scanner - Epson 4990 Photo



  1. concordo...é um homem de Sorte...

  2. The village in the background looks quite like Neubotzheim:

  3. Vielen Dank Volker,
    Ja, es konnte tatsächlich sein. Irgendwie, hatte ich etwas über Schriesheim und Ladenburg in Erinnerung. Jetzt habe ich auf der Karte nachgeschaut, und es macht volkommenne Sinn (vielleicht kam ich über die Bergstrasse rüber, via Schriesheim?).
    Vielen Dank für dein Antwort, es ist alles so lange her!...