Oct 2, 2010

One Too Many!


I am more and more impressed by the extraordinary and ever growing number of artists that grace our Kunstwelt!

Yes, I stumble upon all kinds: arrogant, complex, downtrodden, eccentric, fat, frustrated, genuine, humble, ignorant, ill, immature, inhibited, inventive, old, oppressed, poor, privileged, repressed, rich, simple, slim, starving, successful, swollen, talented, tall, tyrannized, weak, wealthy, young...

With a little imagination and perseverance, it would be easy to make the list go on and on...

I don't even need to look too hard, to see also some outstanding artists that deserve admiration and recognition, creators that should be respected. Well, some even get it!

How I wish that I could be one of those... But how I fear that I could be just that one too many...

That's why, confronted with heaven and hell, I rather prefer to try to be a good photographer than a bad artist...

Yes, I rather be the devil!

(Both photographs made with Rolleiflex 3.5F and Agfa APX 100 in Lisbon, Terreiro do Paço, 1998.

Sculptures by Fernando Botero).