Dec 9, 2009

Silke in Mannheim, Germany, August 1989 (Agfachrome RS 1000)


All photographs shot with a Hasselblad 500 C/M,
with Agfachrome RS 1000 film

Sometime ago, I have mentioned a long discontinued film, that I very much liked to use every now and then.
I found its colours very attractive for some subjects, producing a nice mood.
The (very) coarse grain gave it a strong character of it's own.

Maybe a little too coarse in 35mm, it just produced lovable images in 120 size.

I surely miss it!

Somebody introduced me to Silke, because I needed a model for some school tasks, when I was doing my Gesellenprüfung in Heidelberg, Germany.

Silke was a nice and friendly girl, with lots of Geduld...
I enjoyed her company, and we had the chance to spend some funny days together.

It is a pity, and a shame, that I have lost contact with her when I moved back to Portugal...

On this particular occasion, we went to some Industriegebiet in the town of Mannheim, and I brought along my trusty Hasselblad 500 C/M and a couple of lenses: the Carl Zeiss Sonnar-C 4/150mm, together with the Carl Zeiss Planar-C 2.8/80mm or the Carl Zeiss Distagon-C 3.5/60mm.
Although it was obviously a sunny day, I decided to use the Agfachrome RS 1000, probably equipping my lenses with a ND or a polarizing filter.

It is a pity that I can't show the images somewhat bigger, as the grain get's more and more interesting as size increases...

My daughter laughs a little about the clothes on the photographs...

Well, it was twenty years ago today, as the Beatles would say!



  1. Rui I remember this film pretty well, I shot some in the late 80's too mostly of buildings, I liked the grain and the cool colour rendition.

  2. Hi Rui. Happy New Year to you and yours :-)
    I smile looking at these photos....what would the 80s be without the hair and the clothes! Big broad shoulders, big hair, the hig waisted jeans! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Esther,
    Now am I getting a little crazy too?
    I am sure that I saw a comment from you here, and I am sure that I didn't delete it.
    But somehow it seems that it disappeared...
    Weird.. I am sorry, but It was not me!
    Thanks anyway, and thank you too Mark.

  4. eheh de facto as roupas sao mesmo daquela altura :)
    mas olha que as cores estão *impec* :)
    ... ahhh essa 500 c/m... fizesse eu MF e era essa mesmo ;)