Jan 6, 2009

The castle of Montemor-o-Novo in 35mm



These photographs were shot with Agfa APX 100, developed in Adolux ATM 49, diluted 1+2. I find it somewhat grainy for such a low ISO film. Maybe comes from scanning? I should try to enlarge these negatives, so that I can compare...

In 1970, Rollei brought out a 35mm SLR camera, the SL35. The camera had a match needle metering system and measured exposure in the stopped down mode. The line of lenses were made by the famous optical company Carl Zeiss, what means "soulfull" excellence! Later on, they were also made by Rollei under license from Zeiss. Most of them used HFT coating technology (HFT = High Fidelity Transfer, is a multi-layer anti-reflection coating system co-developed by Zeiss and Rollei).

Mamiya (and maybe others) also produced a cheaper line of lenses for the 35mm Rollei: the Rolleinar's.

I used such a camera to make these photographs. Although a little "dated" and old-fashioned, I really enjoy using it. The finder is very good, much better than in a lot of modern cameras, and I really aprecciate the high-quality of the Planar's, Distagon's and Sonnar's lenses. Even the Rolleinar 28mm is a very respectable performer, as we can see in the last back lit image. These lenses don't need to be corrected in a post-processing program! Nice and simple "classic" equipment. I like it!


  1. Hello, Rui!!
    Do I have the good fortune to be the first person to comment on your blog in 2009?? :) I only just discovered your site today. I‘m so glad you now have this place to show your handsome work. Bravo!! Your photography is exceptional, and thank you so much for the English translations for those of us who visit from afar. I am a fan of your work and hope to come meet you someday.
    Warmest wishes for a bright new year...
    Aloha from Maui,
    Pamela Polland

  2. Mto boas as fotos. Belos tons :)
    Estarei certamente atento ao blog :)