Jan 6, 2009

And for today, some more works of Art...


Still by alphabetical order:

Bela Silva - "Adonis Peludo"

Charters de Almeida

Charters de Almeida

Fernando Pereira

Fernando Pereira

Francisco Goya y Lucientes

Franz Marc - "Zwei Pferde auf der Weide", 1913

Guilherme Camarinha (Tapestry, 1967) - Domus Iustitiae, Águeda

I apologize, but sometimes in the long run, I forget, or loose, the details and information about the works...

As on the post before, I used several cameras, from 6x6 to 5x7inches/13x18cm. I prefer to use Kodak color transparency film for reproductions, because I find it's color rendition more neutral. I avoid the use of "vivid" emulsions. The old EPR 64, and specially EPN 100, are my favourit versions of Ektachrome for such a task. New or newer is not always better...

Maybe one day I will feel like talking about some lightning technics I use...

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  1. Colecção/obra fotográfica extraordinária de um fotógrafo/artista/ser humano excepcional.

    Extraordinary photographic collection/work of a exceptional photographer/artist/human being.