Nov 5, 2013

Mosteiro de Samos, Galicia, España (August 2013)


I always felt unconfortable presenting what I classify as family snapshots.
My doubts are by no means about privacy issues or matters like that. I am just saying that it is kind of awkward for me to cross that − imaginary? − thin line between “easy accomplishment” and “skilled achievement”.
Predominantly, I associate family pictures with the first aforementioned category…
Silly concept of mine, certainly! Why on earth should an image of a stranger on the street be wertvoller than a photograph of my daughter or my wife willingly posing for me?
I must revise some preconceived notions and opinions…








Having worked on the field of Architecture Photography, I am plagued by demons that go back to my photography learning days. I used to think – and honestly still believe! – that such a rigorous discipline only can lead to successful results if undertaken with specialized cameras and apparatus.
Subsequently, I will have to ask if these photographs deserve the designation of Architecture Photography.
On a certain level of lighthearted criticism, I could be tempted to say yes…
Knowing how I shot them, I will opt to declare no instead!
Lacking a “suitable” camera for the task, I made the situation shoddier by not even using a tripod! The acknowledged wisdom of how it should be made – the acceptance of those rules! − forces me to call these pictures just sketches.
Are then “sketches” not so wertvoll as “proper photographs”? Who claims to know where the dividing line must be traced? Who takes for granted to be the “Master of the Definition”, “The Master of all Masters”?



All photographs made with Leica M9
“Photography ought to be characterized by drama and objectivity!”
Now, that is the kind of misconception that I got rid of for ages!
I once and forever rectify: Photography ought to be subjective!!!
That is the only valid way my images can perhaps stand amongst the flood of a zillion others, that is what makes them possibly unique.
I want my photographs to be a testimonial of my character and individuality, of the way I perceive my environment, I wish them to be the mirror of my soul at a given moment in time, I am not concerned with hiding on a shelter!
In addition, I detect nothing wrong on the adequacy of Photography to communicate other feelings than drama…
No matter how enjoyable or disgusting, my photographs are only photographs, they were never intended to change the world.
It is more than enough if they manage to change my head!

 The world will come next…



  1. Dear Rui, I agree 100 %, no, 1,000 %!

    I love your photos. I have been visiting your blog again and again over many years now and find your photography very inspiring and truly excellent. One can see how much you love what you are doing, how passionate you are about it and that your photography is *honest*. It is truly *you*. I admire your work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Herzliche Grüße

    Sandra Wittmann

  2. Thank you for your kind comment (I only read it now, I have been away, somehow, from blog...).
    Auch herzliche Grüße für dich, Sandra!