Jan 25, 2013

Memphis Slim - Heidelberg, Stadthalle, November 1976 (Minolta SR-T 101)



I was lucky enough to have the chance of watching a concert by Memphis Slim, back in the days I lived in Heidelberg, Germany.

Together with fellow singer/pianist Champion Jack Dupree − whom I had the chance to see in Münster a couple of years before, unfortunately without having a camera with me −, he was one of those blues singers/piano players which records I used to listen to, over and over again.

Like all the other great blues performers from that era – John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Sunnyland Slim, Bukka White, Otis Spann, B.B. King −, Memphis Slim had such a distinctive voice, such a unique style!, you were bound to instantly recognize who was coming out of those loudspeakers!

So many styles, so many voices…

Nothing but the blues, the whole blues, blues for breakfast, blues for dinner, blues in the morning, blues at night!





Frenchman Michel Denis accompanied on drums.






This is one of the first rolls of film that I have ever developed! Back in 1976!

It was all new and magic, I was overwhelmed with enchantment!

Because of the poor light conditions, I had to rate my meter at iso 1600, a true nightmare in those days. Film – which rated speed was 400 − would need extended development, shadows would become underexposed losing detail, highlights would get too dense losing tone separation, grain would become coarse, contrast would sometimes raise out of control…

Ah, but what a fun it was to feel all those expectations!
No need and no chance to stare constantly at those LCD monitors! One had to be attentive to detail and have  a certain dose of luck and hope…



Photographs taken with Minolta SR-T 101

I wish to dedicate this post to my friend Fred, he and his wife celebrate birthday today.

We used very often to stay awaken the whole night through, we would jive and listen to a bunch of records, we would have a couple of drinks and wait for sunrise.

Our hearts were full of hope for a better world for everyone!

Happy birthday, and long live the blues!
Technical Data:
Camera - Minolta SR-T 101
Lenses - Minolta Rokkor
Film - Ilford HP5 (before the Plus version!)
Developer - Ilford Microphen
Date - November 11, 1976
Location - Heidelberg (Stadthalle), Germany
Scanner - Epson 4990



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