Nov 14, 2012

Frankfurt am Main - August 2012

















“Won’t You Try / Saturday Afternoon” (Paul Kantner)
Won't you try
won't you try
find a way to need someone
find a way to see
find a way and need someone and the sunshine will set you free
won't you try
with love before we’re gone
won’t you try
Saturday afternoon
Saturday afternoon
when your head is feeling fine
you can ride inside our car
I will give you caps of blue and silver sunlight for your hair
all that soon will be what you need to see, my love
won't you try
won't you try
I do care that you do see
Is it time to leave, my lady
yes it is I know
round about and everywhere sunshine instead of snow
times can't change that what I say is true
I’ll come through for you
and I’ll come through for you, my love
won’t you try
won’t you try
Saturday afternoon
yellow clouds rising in the noon
acid incense and balloons
Saturday afternoon
people dancing everywhere , loudly shouting I dont care
it’s a time for growing and a time for knowing
Saturday afternoon
Saturday afternoon (wont you try)
Saturday afternoon ( wont you try )
wont you try (saturday afternoon)
wont you try ( saturday afternoon)
wont you try

From the album “After Bathing at Baxter’s” by Jefferson Airplane (1967)
Technical Data:
Camera - Leica M4
Lenses - Elmarit-M 2.8/28mm + Summicron-M 2.0/50mm
Film - Agfa APX 100
Developer - R09, 1+50
Date - August 2012
Location - Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Scanner - Epson 4990



1 comment:

  1. Wow - extremely good photos - the contrast and depth produced by your film/developer combination is simply... perfect.
    You are quite a photographer, if I may say so.
    I too use a Leica M4, and a 50mm Summicron - but have not had the chance to acquire or use the 28mm. Very impressive work.