Mar 2, 2012

Film Cameras For Lovers - Rolleiflex SL 35 (Photo Gear 13)


Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4 / 50mm HFT (Germany)

Rollei Planar 1.4 / 50mm HFT (Singapore)

Rollei Sonnar 2.8 / 135mm HFT

Rollei Tele-Tessar 4 / 200mm HFT

Rollei Quick Bayonet Mount

Attachable Accessory Shoe (sold separately)

Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8 / 85mm

Rolleiflex SL 35

Introduced in 1970, the Rolleiflex SL 35 was the first 35mm single lens reflex manufactured by Rollei.
The camera was supplied with lenses made by Carl Zeiss - or made by Rollei under license from Zeiss - and Schneider Kreuznach.
A economical range of lenses was also delivered by Japanese makers - notably by Mamiya - and sold by Rollei under the brand name Rolleinar.

Camera type: 24x36mm single lens reflex camera with exposure measurement through the lens and mechanical focal plane shutter with rubber blinds.

Shutter speeds: 1/1000 to 1 sec and B, electronic flash synchronisation up to 1/60 sec. Continuous rotable shutter speed dial.

Lens bayonet mount: Rollei QBM (Quick Bayonet Mount) – also used on most Voigtländer VSL models.

Exposure measurement: through the lens system with CdS cells, centre-weighted, at working aperture. Meter needle centred with index in finder. Meter switched on by stop-down key on camera top. Film speed range: 12 to 6400 ASA / ISO.

Finder system: Pentaprism, instant return mirror. Focusing screen with central microprism grid, matted screen ring and matted screen with Fresnel lens. Rectangular finder eyepiece with fitting for eyepiece cup and correction lenses.

Weight and dimensions: 585 grams / 141x93x50mm without lens.

Please note:
HFT (High Fidelity Transfer) is a multi-layer anti-reflection coating co-developed by Zeiss and Rollei, similar to the Zeiss T* coating.


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