Nov 27, 2011

A Day at the Races - Estoril, 19th of November 2011


At first I was reluctant and said no.
But my son Jorge insisted, and I agreed to take part on the Photographic Training organized by Colorfoto ( it is no exggeration if I claim that they are the best photographic retailers in Portugal) and Canon Professional Services.
Instructor was Mr. Paulo Maria (Interslide), a professional with long experience in the field of Motorsports Photography, and who happens to be a very kind person.
David and Rui Morgado from Colorfoto were also always at hand with good advise and driving us around the track.
We also could try some of those beautiful grey Canon lens that you can watch the pros using on TV during sports events.
As a whole, all the event was very well organized and a joy to be part of.

Thinking afterwards, I came to realize, that I had never photographed a car race before.
So, you’re watching a kind of premier

The long lenses from Canon are really top-notch and digital photography is a very convenient medium for this kind of stuff.
Yes, you guess it right: even a hardcore Leica guy like me has to concede that in this field Canon sounds better than Leica!

“Come on, you will have some fun!”.
Well, I must admit that Jorge was right, and I am happy that I came along.

We had a wonderful day at Autódromo do Estoril!


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  1. Bravo !! Beautiful photos ! You did a perfect job, Rui !!