Apr 6, 2011

The River (Part 2) - Rio Tejo, Lisboa (October 1994)


Technical data:
Camera – Rolleiflex 3.5F
Taking lens – Carl Zeiss Planar 75mm f/3.5
Film – Kodak T-Max 100
Film developers – Kodak HC-110 & Tetenal Neofin Blau
Location – Lisbon, Portugal
Date – October, 1994
Scanner – Epson Perfection 4990 Photo

Não basta abrir a janela
Para ver os campos e o rio.
Não é bastante não ser cego
Para ver as árvores e as flores.
É preciso também não ter filosofia nenhuma.
Com filosofia não há árvores: há idéias apenas.
Há só cada um de nós, como uma cave.
Há só uma janela fechada, e todo o mundo lá fora;
E um sonho do que se poderia ver se a janela se abrisse,
Que nunca é o que se vê quando se abre a janela.

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It’s not enough to open the window
To see the fields and the river.
It’s also not enough to not be blind
To see the trees and the flowers.
It’s also necessary to not have any philosophy at all.
With philosophy there are no trees, there are only ideas.
There’s only each of us, like a wine-cellar.
There’s only a shut window and the world outside it;
And a dream of what you could see if you opened the window,
Which is never what you see when you open the window.

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  1. o meu comentário é "silencio" não tenho palavras para comentar fotos tão lindas...olha-las em silencio e pensar em silencio...silencio!!!

  2. From your photos it looks like a place to (re-)visit and also take some color-photographs in 4x5 ...

    Splendid work again !


  3. O silêncio, às vezes, pode ser um bom amigo...
    Hello Gabor,
    I am glad to see you "back" after such troubled times. I hope that everything is returning back to normality...
    I think that your idea would be rather interesting, but impossible to put in practice. This whole region underwent a complete transformation a couple of years later (after I took these pictures, I mean). It was in this spot that they made the world fair "Expo'98". You wouldn't recognize the place this days! It was a nice place for a couple of years, now the "building greed" has overflown the whole place with buildings and more buildings. From the original plan full of green spaces, is not much left... As usual, money and speculation are ruling...
    I made a lot of work, for a book and international architecture magazines, about the Expo'98. When I have the "Geduld" to make it, I will scann some transparencies and make a post about it. It will show some interesting architecture, I believe.
    Greetings, and I wish you, and your family, all the best the world has to offer.