Mar 27, 2011

The Minolta Years - Portofino, Siena (Italy), December 1978


Technical data:
Camera - Minolta XM + Minolta Rokkor lenses
Film - Kodak Tri-X
Developer - Kodak D-76 1+1
Location - Portofino + Siena, Italy
Date - December 1978



  1. Oh my Rui! What beautiful images of Siena. I noted the date - December 1978...probably it that is why there are not many people as present time photos I have seen of Siena are always crowded! I hope you and yours are well, Rui. Have a good week.

  2. um encanto de imagens...

  3. You know what, Rui? These perfectly composed images including living beings (people, cats, ....) remind me of the HBC icons we all know and love. I often thought pictures like that would be almost imposible to take - like Esther said: crowded, cars, signpost... But I have seen more recent pictures from you proving that these images of timeless beauty are still to be found. That gives me a lot of hope!

  4. Thank you all,
    It might be cold and rainy, you might freeze your nose, but there is a certain advantage about travelling in Winter!
    In those times it was still possible to cross all Venice without finding a single tourist, at least if you chose places for a walk outside the very well known spots, like San Marco! Doubt it? Look at my three posts about that beautiful city. Better yet, look at the photographs of Peter Gasser!
    Thank you Volker for your very high praise, comparing my humble images with Mr. Bresson's...
    I think that we very often try to make things the hard way, we like to complicate our lifes and our images: most of the times simple images are much more efficient!
    In my opinion, that was the biggest achivement from Bresson: simplicity!
    Now, of course, simplicity can be rather difficult to achieve...
    Greetings and all the best for you all,