Dec 18, 2010

Sketches of Spain - Guillena, Andalucía, España (May 15, 2010)


At first I was possibly attracted by the quality of the light and the vividity of the women dresses, but I soon got hooked by the whole mood of this spanish marriage in the small town of Guillena, not far from Seville, in Andalucía.

By comparison, our marriages in Portugal look almost like funerals...

In Andalucía, the celebration is much more colorful and looks less formal, what I consider to be the heritage from gypsy blood and flamenco. Please correct me, if I am wrong...

In this small land of mine, we maybe don't have many reasons to dress joyful and feel glad, do we?

We are getting such a sad and dark land...

I was not invited and didn't know nobody around. In fact, I don't even remember to speak a word.

Strolling, I came upon this small church by chance. I got curious and slowly made my way towards the people, a smile here and a smile there, walking that strange line between public domain and privacy...

When I felt kind of accepted, I started mixing with the group and began to shoot a little closer and closer.

By my dirty blue jeans and casual clothing, it is hard to imagine that somebody would take me for a guest either...

I was a perfect watching stranger among a festive crowd!

That's what Leicas are good for...

All photographs:

Leica M4-2 + Summicron-M 2/35mm

Fomapan 200, developed in Kodak D-76 1+1

Scanned with Epson 4990 Photo

P.S.: I would like to remember Miles Davis and his great record "Sketches of Spain", arranged and conducted by Gil Evans, recorded in 1959 & 1960. The record opens with the magnificent piece by spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo, "Concierto de Aranjuez", composed in 1939.

If you have the chance, don't miss to listen to it!



  1. I think the couple would be more than happy if you could hand over them a few prints. As a totally stranger you captured their wedding much more in a documentary style and your choice of BW and the slightly wide 35mm Summicron-M supports that very good.

  2. Ola Rui.
    Feliz Ano Novo.

    jorge e carol

  3. Olá Jorge e Carol,
    tudo bem com vocês aí por França?
    Bom Ano Novo para vocês também, com muita felicidade e saúde (algum dinheiro também ajuda, não é?).
    Sei que vos devo uma resposta, não esqueci, mas tenho andado tão frustrado que não me tem apetecido escrever. Talvez um dia destes...
    Este país está uma merda!
    Abraços e beijos,
    P.S.: Tudo ok com o Pedro? Ainda pela Holanda?

  4. Thanks Maddoc,
    Kind words as always...
    As a matter of fact I only had a Summicron 35 with me (and a Rolleiflex 3.5F, but that is another story...).
    Minimal gear for maximal output!
    P.S.: I saw that you have mentioned my blog in Rangefinderforum. It was kind of you, thank you