Jul 26, 2010

Circus Willy Hagenbeck - Heidelberg, Germany, March 1977 (Mamiya C330f)


It is rather hot, I've been maybe drinking too much beer and wine, but if memory still serves me any good, the first Medium Format camera that I have ever owned and used, was the Mamiya C330f (6x6), with two distinct lenses. Please, don't ask me about which ones, I could almost declare that the 180mm was one of them...
Beeing a fine camera, with fine lenses, I believe that I was not yet mature for this, somewhat heavy and cumbersome, TLR (Twin Lens Reflex): I sold it again after a short time.
Oddly enough, I would later on fall deeply in love (up until today) with other TLR cameras: the wonderful and elegant Rolleiflex!
Honesty makes me concede, that the Mamiya has some "advantages" over the Rollei: interchangeable lenses, 120 and 220 film capability, focusing bellows for easy close-up photography...
But, like everything else in life, chemistry sometimes doesn't work...

These are the first "serious" square format photographs that I ever took of a circus (another long-lasting photographic love of mine): Circus Wylly Hagenbeck, pictured in Heidelberg, Germany, on the 2nd of March, 1977 (Shit, time flies!).

Can you dig it? The film was still Ilford HP-4! (Yes, FOUR!).
I developed it in Tetenal Emofin, and the negatives are a little thin for my taste...
What should I care, these are "historic" images (well, at least for me...), nice to look at on a hot summer night.
Who cares if they are not so good-looking?

I still had (and have) a loooooong way to go...

Camera: Mamiya C330f (6x6 TLR)
Ilford HP-4, developed in Tetenal Emofin.
Circus Wylly Hagenbeck, Heidelberg, BRD, 1977



  1. Funny I also had a Mamiya for weddings, I think I had the 80mm and a 135mm? Anyhow I liked the close focus and the parallax correction, nice for close-ups but it too surprised me how heavy these cameras are compared to a Rollei. I ended up using a 2,8F and then a 'blad.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Happy to hear from you again!
    yes, I think that we both are from the same kind of breed, we breath and eat photography on a similar way...
    Like I said, chemestry doesn't always work...
    Rollei and 'blad (film) forever!!!