Feb 28, 2010

I wish I could...

I wish I could forget the weird darkness which spreads all over this land,
I wish I could say good-bye to all this pain and these sleepless nights,
I wish I could turn my back on this endless Winter,
Put a candid smile on my face and say hello to the world.

Me, being wild with a Minolta camera, somewhere in Bretagne, France, 1977

(And yes, that is film grain!)

For the aficionados: I am holding a 303b in my hands. The lens must be the 1.8/35mm Rokkor that I have mentioned on the former post.



  1. Frederico e Ana FonsecaFebruary 28, 2010 at 5:13 PM

    Temos a certeza que melhores tempos virão !!!

    Os sempre Amigos,
    Fred e Ana

  2. Whoa what a great shot, I wish I had shots of myself as a young man.
    Taken with a Rollei on Tri-x?
    Keep your chin up I'll pray you get some winter sunshine, spring is almost here...

  3. Dear Rui I will send you some Australian sun and good cheer my friend. I will not patronize you with words of getting well only that I wish you extra strength and mindfulness to work through your dark night. Sending you warm good thoughts and thanks as always for your beautiful gifts of photography that inspire many many people. Peace. Matt.

  4. Hi Fred, Ana, Mark and Matt,

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
    Thank you very much for your encouragement and your kind thoughts about me.
    But I think that I should explain a little: all the words I wrote are not about me. As a matter of fact, the first part about darkness spreading all over this land, have more to do with the socioeconomic and political situation, with unemployment and social injustice, with the hunger and anger some people suffer, it has to do with certain highly overpaid jobs for the "boys" (whatever color they have or are) and corruption, it has to do with my bitterness and revolt.
    Yes Mark, Paraceptamol is also part of my "diet" now, although I surely agree with you: single malt tastes much better! Besides Paraceptamol, I take a lot of pills (all official medicaments, I also don't do drugs!), and I look like an old man... One for the blood pressure, one for cholesterol, the one for this and the other for that. Right now I still have to do some antibiotics... Of course, then I need another one for my stomach to be able to take it all! What a heck!
    Well, Spring is almost here and I will survive and smile again.
    Wish you all the best, and watch out for the vampires. Don't let them suck all your blood (yes, I am kidding! Am I?)

  5. Hi Mark,
    I almost forgot: by the time the above photograph was taken, I didn't have yet a Rolleiflex. It is indeed a crop from a 35mm negative: Ilford HP-5 (the old-one) developed in Tetenal Emofin. I am not really sure, but I think that my german ex-wife, Milo, took the picture.
    I found it funny to show, as it is from the same era as my photographs from Nene Valley
    (from what I see in the Net, Nene Valley became rather touristic...).
    See you,

  6. grande grão este... é esta a alma que o digital não tem.
    bem, e grande estilo rui! @;) eheh

  7. existem dias em que o vazio é tão grande,não há nada que possa dizer,por isso fico em tão grande silêncio absoluto...basta perceber conscientemente...parabéns pelo blog,pela partilha de tão belas fotos,faz de certa forma virar um pouco as costas á escuridão!!!