Sep 14, 2009

Works Of Art (5)


Margarida Neto, "Coreografia", 2002 (8x10")

Mário Cesariny, "Penélope Corre ao Encontro de Ulisses", 1974-85 (8x10")

Mário Cesariny, Relógio, Lima de Freitas..., (9x12)

Paul Gauguin, "Nature Morte aux Pommes", (6x6)

Roberto Chichorro, 1994 (4x5")

Roberto Chichorro, 1996 (13x18)

Rogério Chora, "Embarcações no Rio Sado", 1994 (9x12)

Roland Topor, 1989 (6x7)

I would like to share with you once again a small selection of paintings that I had the chance of photographing through the years, on different occasions and using different cameras: Gandolfi 8x10 (sometimes with 5x7" reducing back), Sinar F2, Hasselblad 500 C/M and, for the last image, Mamiya RZ67.
Lighting as usual by Hensel Flash, Würzburg, Germany.

In this kind of post, I don't find it very polite on my part to say that I prefer this or that artist; I am sure that you agree...

Anyway, I think that nobody will dare to criticize me, if I admit that I found a very deep emotion photographing the painting by Paul Gauguin.
Somebody was not only lucky enough to own such a valuable work of art, but also made good use of it: that person had it hanging in the bedroom wall, right in front of the bed.

Imagine laying in your mattress with such a view...

(Please, don't bother to ask where, because I forgot it long ago!).



  1. Hi Rui
    I love the vivid colours of Mário Cesariny and calm of Rogério Chora's paintings. Art is subjective and touch each person in a different way. These two pulled my attention at first sight and I like what they make me feel inside. I am amazed at the vividness of your photographs of these paintings.

    ps, you know I will ask where and who. Later. :-))

    Have a good week, Rui. Hi to Helena and Luis.

  2. Sr. Rui Morais de Sousa
    ...numa pesquisa fugaz descobri o seu site e para minha surpresa, duas fotos de duas obras singulares, "A Colectiva" e "Penélope Corre ao Encontro de Ulisses", de Mário Cesariny. Obras do Acervo Particular da Galeria Neupergama (sita em Torres Novas).
    As mesmas estão neste momento patentes na Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda, no Porto, até dia 3 de Dezembro. Exposição que reúne inúmeras e vivídas obras de Cesariny que tinham sido até então restritas aos olhares de quem apenas a Neupergama visitou. Desconhecendo até à data que tinham sido alvo da sua perspectiva, admiração e lente...
    Deixo-lhe o convite de quem já pela exposição passou. Visite-a e não deixe de captar com o seu talento estas sublimes e exaltadas telas.