May 22, 2009

"Sevilhanas", Montemor-o-Novo, 2008


I am not different from everybody else: there are things that I like and things that I regard with aversion.
Gladly, most of them I can accept or tolerate.

That's the case with my Canon 30D digital camera.

A kind of fast-food feeling when I use it...

Saying that, I perfectly agree that there are some occasions where the 30D clearly delivers a better image than analogic cameras. That's the case with high ISO images in color.

At ISO 1600, I believe that even my Leicas would have a very hard time to compete and be able to do better. At least in slide film.

I am well aware that I could still get better digital models out there...

It just doesn't feel right to me to spend a whole lot of money in top of the line cameras that have a useful life of maybe one or two years before they are obsolete.

Many years ago, I very much enjoyed to use a fast color slide film from Agfa called Agfachrome 1000 (yes, 1000 ASA), that sadly as long been discontinued.

In 35mm it showed maybe too much grain, but in medium format that grain just turned beautiful, giving the photographs a very nice atmosphere. I miss it!

When I find some pictures I will post them, for you to see.

Montemor-o-Novo is a small, but culturally active, town.
"Sevilhanas" is a dance group from local people that learn Flamenco. I must say that I was very astonished: they perform with a very high level of expertise.

I really enjoyed their show in Curvo Semedo theatre.

I shot most of the pictures with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM lens (the older version without image stabilisation).

Although a somewhat cumbersome lens, I really admire it's optical performance, taking into account that it is a fast zoom with several elements.
I dare to say that it is so good as good prime lenses.

I think that I am glad that it doesn't have IS, as it nerves me a little to feel it working...
My hands still hold steady!

I was more concerned with beeing able to stop movement at the slow shutter speeds.
To do so, I had often to deliberatly underexpose to get somewhere around 1/30.
Of course, PP correction was needed...

If you saw attentively my former posts, you probably have noticed that I often don't crop my images. I like to show the whole negative.

I try to respect myself and my compositions.

If a image fails in camera, I tend to reject it... Not a religion, though...

In the same time, it seems that I don't give much importance to crop a digital image.

Perhaps it is because I don't feel it physicaly... So why should I care?

It's only pixels, it's only numbers...



  1. Just when I blog about my love for latin dancing, you post these set of beautiful flamenco dance pictures. The dancer's expression/emotion is wonderful, you captured her/them beautifully! You have very steady hands, yes! I have to learn more about these kind of concert/dance shots because next friday, I am going to a concert and of course, will be taking photographs but I still have to understand how to take photos like these in low light.

    Btw, I like the way you write, Rui, this is you and it is a charming style. Looking forward to the Agfachrome 1000 photographs. :-D

    Happy Sunday, Rui.

  2. damn
    quem sabe fotografar, fa-lo com qualquer coisa, é só isso que tenho a dizer :)
    mas concordo contigo: rendi-me de tal forma ao analógico que hoje em dia fotografar com digital nao me dá prazer nenhum.