Mar 13, 2009

Carl Zeiss Jena f 2.8 / 50mm Tessar "Sunken-Mount" - Photo Gear (4)


This version of the Tessar, is probably a relatively seldom-encountered lens. It was designed exclusively for use on a bellows. It is a deeply recessed unit, so you don't need a lens hood.
The Macro Tessar is also extremely light and compact. The aperture blades form a very nice round shape, what, according to some, should help deliver a nicer bokeh.

Although you can achieve infinity focus with this lens, it is better suited for close-up photography. It is not that practical to walk around with a belows in your hand looking for nice cityscapes or interesting street scenes...

I would recommend the use of a tripod...

I will admit that to find some fun by using such awkward equipment borders a certain state of madness. In these days of modern stuff, you gotta be some kind of crazy guy to even contemplate loading a film in such a beast...

Well, I am that kind of guy!

The same lens some twenty years younger, fitting a Varex IIa. Everything was still shining bright. Now the IIa could need some serious restoration.

New shutter curtains, new mirror, new knob for opening the camera back, etc.

It was stupid that I didn't take care for so long... Shame on me!

I made these photographs with the "Sunken-Mount" Tessar last month, just shooting some of the plants we have in the balcony of our living room.

I think that it is never too much to stress the amazingly good optical quality of some of this old timers.

I know why I keep on the flame!


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