Feb 22, 2009

Works of Art (3) - Helena San Payo


I always enjoy the work of some Fashion or Beauty photographers.

Names like Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Irving Penn or Jeanloup Sieff quickly come to my mind when I think about the topic.

They all have produced very interesting images of extreme beauty, where the female body is depicted in all it's splendor. Really a great fountain of inspiration!

On the other way, looking at some photographs on the pages of actual fashion magazines and publicity, one sadly get's the idea that all women (and men too) are getting kind of artificial beings, without soul or skin flaws.

Everyone is highly polished, almost no one looks real!

We are loosing the sense of true beauty. It is all getting so boring!

Happily, and contrary to this ugly tendency, it is a blessing to look at the photographs of great artists like Flor Garduño, a person wich images I greatly admire.

Her book "The Inner Light" show us pages and pages of meaningful sacred images full of mystery and charm. The women Garduño photographs, become soulful goddesses of a timeless era.

Searching through my archive the other day, I came across these reproductions I made 1n 1992 of some paintings by Helena San Payo.

I find them very beatiful and also possessing that kind of mystery I talked about before.

So I thought that I would show them to you as part of my job on photographing works of art.

In a certain kind of way, I perceive these paintings as more realistic images than most post processed photographs of women I can find nowadays.

They remind me of some Nude Photography that seems to slowly get lost in a quickly vanishing time.

They make me want to take a look at some of Edward Weston nudes.

Sometimes I wish I could travell back in time...


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