Feb 13, 2009

Rolleiflex T & Hasselblad 500 EL/M - Plasencia 1986


Hello everybody.

I guess that I have been a little lazy with my postings lately, but I find it a little boring to have to scan all these negatives!

It all takes so long...

But now here I am again to share some more images.

I drink a wonderful eierlikör made by my girlfriend, and I assure you that it tastes good. I can heartily recommend it...

I keep going on with the Rolleiflex T saga, although I mix it up with a little bit of Hasselblad too...

Plasencia, 12th of August 1986

All these images were shot at a short pause we made in the spanish town of Plasencia.

We were driving with our good friends Fred and Ana and just stopped by the river.
Under the shadow of a tree we wanted to take a little rest.

I started watching the gipsy kids playing around with their horses and dogs, so I couldn't resist and took my cameras and started mixing up with them.

It didn't take long until they all wanted to pose for me...

A hot summerday in the middle of Spain.

Besides my Rolleiflex T, I also had brought along my Hasselblad 500 EL/M and the Sonnar 150mm.

I just kept changing from one to the other while the friendly talking was going on.

All the situation was funny and relaxing.
I suppose that these young people found that they could trust me. For a little fraction of time I was part of the group.

Then we parted, never to see each other again...



  1. Dear Rui, these are beautiful portraits. May I ak what film you use? May I ask what developer you use? Your photos are so rich. The skin tones are magic !!

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I don't have the negatives here with me, I have them in the studio, but I am almost sure that the film was Kodak Tri-X, and the developer was Kodak D-76, diluted 1+1. It is one of my prefered film/developer combinations. Nothing too fancy, but very effective. I just like it. I will check by opportunity, and if I see that I am wrong, I will correct.
    Cheers, Rui